Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the best diet is a life-shattering break up, apparently.

i've never felt so lost in my life. three years, for what? for everything. i won't give up.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

in my third year of university i wrote a paper for my philosophy of art class on the dehumanization of art. following a philosopher by the name of gasset's lead, i looked at dali and picaso and tried to understand why in fact their art is represented the way it is. i specifically chose to look at surrealism

and cubism

i found it so interesting the way that a female can be represented outside of the norm. gasset talked about this type of dehumanization being inspired by an aversion towards the traditional interpretation of reality, a fusion of reality and imagination. today, art is one of two things, literal or abstract (or so it seems), but works, especially that of dali's, still make me think. i'd rather a piece of art let your mind wander, then assume you're supposed to understand some flicks of paint. the dehumanization of art appears to have gone a little too far, to the point where interpretation is everything. wouldn't you like to see something that is supposed to remotely look like something else? but maybe that's the point, the more abstract the more one can make a piece their own. however, how many common folks like us, actually get that experience? just a thought.