Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so get this, i get a call on friday from my bank and find that someone stole 915.50 from my bank account. i get into the bank yesterday and get a new debit card, and today my credit card company calls me and tells me that someone stole 260 from my credit card on friday, and now i have to wait 2-3 weeks to get a new credit card! unbelievable. i guess that's technology ... allllways finding a way to screw you over.

either way, tomorrow is canada day. boo. it's always so busy at the zoo on canada day. ah well, c'est la vie. enjoy it if you actually have it off!


carly. said...

you know what's strange? that happened to my friend lianne yesterday too! what happens in situations like that...you get it back right??

megs said...

yeaaa eventually. apparently there was a big fraud thing on friday, but i don't know how they got my credit card because i don't use it

S and O said...

That really bums...fringin' theives. Hope your days are better:)


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